Welcome to Helibug !

World's Best Gasser Conversions



Welcome to Helibug !

Introducing our new line of renewable energy products. Please visit our new website for Axial Flux Alternators at




Hawk 850/1000 Size Hexacopter Frame

Available Now !


Now Available:

HB7-RC kit for Trex700 (V1) with 16T Helical Pinion



Coming Soon: Helibug Onboard Starter

Introducing Helibug Spark Transmission Upgrade for MA Whiplash Gasser

Introducing Futaba Governor RPM Sensor Mount


Introducing Helibug Trism DTS Conversion !


Introducing Helibug Open-Source Version 2 for OS GT15HZ or GT15HZ-600 Engine

Introducing Helibug Open-Source Version 2 !


Replacement Parts for All Conversion Kits

This section of our website is the slowest running section. This is due to the Quality and Strength of our product.  Helibug products are currently the toughest conversions kits in the market. Our conversion kits survives even the hardest crashes keeping all electronics safe

All replacement parts for all conversion kits 'not listed' are available all the time. Please email us at sales@helibug.com for any replacement part you might need.

Helibug HB7-RC-DFC Pictures

Courtesy of George B.


European buyers be aware
It has come to our attention that few shops in Europe are selling cheap/low quality copies of our product as Helibug kits.
Please note that Helibug does not have any dealers in Europe

Europäische Kunden bitte aufpassen.
Wir sind darauf aufmerksam gemacht worden, dass einige Geschäfte

in Europa billig / günstig qualitativ minderwertige Kopien unserer Produkte als Helibug-Umbausätze verkaufen.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass Helibug derzeit keine Händler in Europa hat und die

Umbausätze ausschließlich über Helibug zu beziehen sind.

(Courtasy translation by our website visitor from Germany:   Heinz)


Aux acheteurs européens attention
Il a été porté à notre attention que certain magasins Européen vendent
des copies de médiocre/base qualité imitant notre produit sous forme d’ensemble (kit) Helibug.
S'il vous plaît noter que Helibug n'a pas de distributeurs autorisé en Europe.

(Courtasy translation by our website visitor from Canada:   Robert Bonin)  




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